The truth behind the Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal — exclusive!

myblogdammit can now reveal, exclusively,  the truth behind the Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal. He […]

Arthur Porter, another Harper appointee, bites the dust

More trouble for  Canada’s beleaguered prime minister. Harper political appointee, Arthur Porter, whom Harper named […]

SNC employee amnesty offer

“It was the crown jewel of corporate Canada. A rock solid construction and engineering firm […]

Suicide meme?

Is some kind of  suicide meme spreading among teenagers around the world? Another young girl  […]

Rob Ford drug saga

I wasn’t planning on posting on this, but Toronto mayor Rob Ford is another member […]

The senate– the ‘eldest and wiser members of the society and ruling class’

Was the Canadian Senate ever any good for anything  other than providing bunce for the […]

Gigantic bank heist — one of the world’s biggest

Hackers: Elvis Rafael Rodriguez (left) and Emir Yasser Yeje (right), of New York were arrested […]

Making a profit from dead bodies

Burke  & Hare  gained  a kind of grisly immortality  by  turning dead bodies into hard […]

Gabrielle,12, hangs herself over school bullying

Schoolyard bullying  has claimed  the life of another victim — and this time she was […]

Google Sneak View spies on giant turtles in the Galapagos

  Google Sneak View penetrates the far North,  was the headline to a recent dammit […]