Apology to the CIA

When earlier today  I wrote “The CIA factbook  is a treasure trove  of useless information […]

Antarctica 139th as Internet host

“The oceans around Antarctica are not owned by any one nation, says the Wait Foundation, […]

Wallin joins Duffy in the ranks of the disgraced

Harper tried once again bafflegab Canadians  in a speech he made  to the Conservative caucus […]

Operation ‘Trident Fury’

Operation Trident Fury, a joint joint US- Canadian operation off the coast near Vancouver, featured […]

RCMP staff sergeant sues 13 other Mounties for sexual assault, harassment

RCMP staff sergeant Caroline O’Farrell is suing 13 other members in the travelling equestrian show, […]

Proposed senate reforms — the full Monty

“Senators were expected to try to quickly pass proposed reforms to the Senate’s spending rules, […]

Harper’s speech to Conservative caucus in full

Below, as per of the Globe and Mail,  is the full text of  Steve Harper’s […]

Argentina’s ‘dirty war’ dictator dies ‘peacefully in his sleep’

Argentina’s ‘dirty war’ dictator, Jorge Rafael Videla, died Friday in a Buenos Aires prison at […]

Harper to Canadians — Sorry :- (

“Sorry is always the hardest word for this Prime Minister, who is now en route to […]

I share a lottery jackpot of £161 million — Yay!!!

Dear Beneficiary »»» This is a personal email addressed to you. My name is Mr […]