Harper: in deep senatorial waters

 It’s just one thing after another  for besieged prime minister Steve Harper. Will he sync […]

Fuck yeah!!!

Asks the Wall Street Journal,  “What do you say when your six-year-old company that has […]

Wallin ‘recuses’ herself from Conservative caucus

Marjory Lebreton, the government leader in the Senate, says Pamela Wallin has resigned from the  […]

Most Americans would ban ‘printing’ guns at home; support gay athletes: report

Most American don’t want marijuana users to go to jail; support gay athletes; oppose plastic […]

The 1 percent

Good news! Bill Gates has regained his title  as the world’s richest person. He snatched […]

Et tu, Pamela?

I asked that yesterday, yesterday,referring obliquely to the scandal centering on the disgraceful  $90,000 Mike […]

The future looks bright for Nigel Wright

Steve Harper  has been forced to  bid a fond farewell to  his now ex-chief of […]

Mike Duffy — it just gets worse

In the continuing saga  of  senator Duffy  and his  fanciful residency claims,“The Senate’s internal economy […]

Putting the ‘auto’ into ‘automatic’: The weapon that can’t miss

It’s like a video game. Except, using t this gun’s tracking point digital display, it’s […]

BitTorrent Bundle Alpha

Bram Cohen’s Bittorrent   has long been the nemesis  of the entertainment cartels.  It was, and […]