Metadata surveillance in Canada; ‘many questions but few answers’

US agencies have been using massive, secret surveillance programs that,  “include years of capturing the […]

Searchable ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database

Do  you have a couple of hours to kill today? If so,  you might want […]

Google on ‘unfettered access’ to user data

With  the TOP SECRET//SI//NOFORN  scandal  continuing to unfold,  “after days of fielding criticism about the […]

Steve Harper, impressionist

Who knew? Steve Harper actually has a rich sense of humor 🙂 And it’ll do […]

Football culture clash

Religion has reared its head again,  this time in direct conflict  with another religion:  footie/soccer/football […]

Ed Snowden — Benedict Arnold or Aaron Swartz?

Looking for a job  in the US intelligence community   (an oxymoron if ever there was […]


Like just about everyone else, I ‘d imagine,  I’ve been morbidly following the twists and […]

Canada’s very own ‘metadata’ surveillance program

Not to be outdone by Britain’s Guardian newspaper, which had the  privacy invasion scoop of […]

Leave Hong Kong, US secrets-buster Ed Snowden ordered

If ever there was a saga looming,  even more so than Bradley Manning, this is […]

Ed Snowden — American hero

“I have no intention of hiding who I am because I know I have done […]