What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ;)

The made-in-America Prism scandal  is roaring along unabated, sparking new privacy concerns everywhere. The growth […]

Of pump.io

Hi all: I just received this email  from a longtime online friend  (I’ve exed out […]

Where are you, p2pnet?

I had to sell my  original freedom of speech advocacy blog, p2pnet, because of serious […]

Canadians should be worried too …

The  miasma  which came into being under George W. Bush continues to  poison America and […]

Salamander or Chrome?

There’s a a strong possibility– nay likelihood, apparently — the  Salamander will be replaced by  […]

Media reports on PRISM ‘contain numerous inaccuracies’ : DNI

Oh dear!  The webpage devoted to  the wisdom of James R. Clapper,  the US director […]

Pamela Wallin — pay $20,000, but don’t go to jail

Conservative scamstress Pamela Wallin  “could be paying back taxpayers an additional $20,000 for improperly claimed […]

Author Iain Banks is dead

“I am officially Very Poorly,”  author Iain Banks  wrote in April. And now he’s dead. […]

Big Brother Obama

Earlier today,  I’d  wondered  whether or not Canada  was/is part of an ultra-secret NSA spy […]