Was Canada part of secret NSA spy operation?

The UK’s electronic eavesdropping and security agency, GCHQ, has been secretly gathering intelligence from the […]

Jill Lesser — Center for copyright (m) Isinformation puffoon

A few minutes ago I posted  an item  slugged The CCI is O-U-T OUT! CCI […]

The CCI is O-U-T OUT!

And it didn’t take six strikes, either The initials are short for Center for Copyright  […]

Canada’s Barrick Gold — a rape story

Years after being sexually assaulted by Barrick Gold security staff, gang rape victims are finally […]

Obama, et al, have their eyes on you, but don’t worry about it ;)

We’re spying on you,  but it’s okay:  don’t worry about  it 🙂 That, in essence,  […]

Justin Beaver joins space race

Justin Bieber  and his manager  are the latest to  sign up  for a trip  into […]

Monsanto Roundup roundup

Monsanto is in the headlines. Again. But not in a good way — again. NPR […]

Senatorial perk — Swindling Canadians

‘Senator’ Mike Duffy was caught red-handed trying to swindle Canadians  by claiming housing expenses he […]

CRTC’s new code of conduct

The CRTC’s new code of conduct that forbids cellphone companies from charging customers fees to […]