Marijuana — a lot of papal bull

God’s latest Main Man on Earth, Argentenian cleric Jorge Mario Bergoglio, absolute ruler of the […]

Feds are out to get ‘us’

They’re out to get us, ‘us’ being anyone who uses medicinal cannabis. That’s a lot […]

‘Bye, Steve ….

The Calgary Cowboy, who took Canada for a long and painful ride on a raft […]

EU draft guidelines for online rights and freedoms

Yesterday, WikiLeaks released the second Draft of EU “Human Rights policy Guidelines on Freedom of […]

Fried chicken with a side of God’s judgment?

  God-fearing Dan T Cathy is the CEO of KFC wannabe Chick-fil-A; now read on […]

TPP, anyone ??

The corporate entertainment cartels  never give up,  Why bother to woo  consumers when you can […]

An interesting day

It was an interesting day, yesterday. I’ve been having trouble with my health and because […]