Along came a spider …

Too late for me, but perhaps not for thousands of others! The bite from an […]

The true king of rock is dead

Chuck Berry, The Man whose whose guitar licks inspired everyone from the Rolling Stones, to […]

New verb enters English language

To ‘trump someone‘ derives from American president Donald Trump’s ban on legitimate entries to the […]

Donald trumps Canadian girl guides

“Canada’s Girl Guides cancel all US travel as Trump rules spark fears at border,” that’s […]

‘We’ve lost control of our personal data’

That’s Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the worldwide web. He goes on: “The current business model […]

Trump to Obama — Mine’s bigger that yours!

Donnie Trump, for the moment the latest US president, isn’t only a narcissistic sociopath, he’s […]

Attention women everywhere!

It’s International Womens Day. Want to make your case(s) really felt? It’s simple, really.  No […]

Stop the world — I want to get off …

… I really do.  Donnie Trump behaves as if he’s been ordained to lead not […]

Letter to America

Does the following remind you of anyone? Manipulative, grandiose, lying, dictatorial, secretive, alien, divisive. It […]