Movie 43: Makes bloody terrible look good

Last night I did something I never do: I checked out a movie  purely on the strength of what  a reviewer/critic,  had to say about it, in this case   it was the Toronto Star’s Peter Howell  writing about movie 43.

“It provides me with a handy new answer to a question I’m often asked,” he says:

“What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen?”

Answer: movie 43.

43 He got that right.  There’s only two words for it — completely tasteless. Which is the kindest thing you can say about it.

Schoolboy humor at its absolute worst.

And that’s high praise.

It’s billed as the most outrageous comedy ever made.

Outrageous? Yes.  Comedy? No, unless less you find endless sick, scatological jokes with even sicker punch-lines, amusing.

I had to stop watching.

Jon Newton — myblogdammit

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