Will a Popette be God’s next official representative?

pope2But No, the next pope won’t be a nun the Washington Post assures  the Catholic faithful,,

Yet, it says, there could well be major changes in the role of women in the church, even without any changes in current church law.

“It’s not widely known, but nothing precludes women from serving as cardinal-electors, even though they can’t be ordained as priests,” it says.

“So the next pontiff could easily appoint female cardinals — and send the message that women really do have an important leadership role in the church.”

Dream on.

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2 thoughts on “Will a Popette be God’s next official representative?

  1. Wonder if the Church fired the Pope because it’s finally realizing it needs a major shift. It’d be pretty awesome to get my hands on their worldwide statistics, as information and education has been made available to more and more I think it’s harder and harder to convince the younger people with all of their silly lies, I think Mrs. JK Rowling probably has better year over year growth numbers on her Harry Potter franchise than these judgmental, retrograde pedofiles.

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