Google faces ‘co-ordinated’ EU crackdown over privacy violations

 Google advertising goorilla 800 pound online advertising  gorilla Google is in trouble with the EU because it  “ignored requests” to delay the imposition of its new privacy policy until they’d cleared it for compliance with data protection law.

As has been proven over and over again, expecting Google to comply with local laws  is  a complete waste of time.

It simply ignores  requests that don’t suit it,  and/or gears up its legal and PR engines  and it’s bidnes  as usual.

The New Statesman story continues:

“The policy was announced last January (though it only came into effect in March), and allowed Google to mix personal data from all its subsidiaries, particularly Youtube, which had hitherto been cordoned off. The new internal user profiles this enabled the company to create are of great value to advertisers, but the company also trumpeted the improved experience it could offer users, saying at the time »»»

Our privacy policies have always allowed us to combine information from different products with your account — effectively using your data to provide you with a better service.

However, we’ve been restricted in our ability to combine your YouTube and search histories with other information in your account.

Our new privacy policy gets rid of those inconsistencies so we can make more of your information available to you when using Google

… available to you and anyone else Google says  is qualified to ‘request’ it —

The article goes on »»»

The EU didn’t agree, and asked the company to hold off implementation until it had held an investigation on whether it complied with EU data protection law.

The probe, which began in mid-March, finally reported back in October, and found that the new policy did indeed breach EU law. The French data protection commission, the CNIL, which led the investigation, had recommended a number of changes, such as easier opt-outs for advertising.

But the company insists its policy already complies with EU law.

You can  always rely on Google  to extend the middle finger.

No need to  stay tuned.

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