The Steubenville rape — on trial: a town and its people

steubenville (Photo –Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer/Landov)

It’s becoming known as the Steubenville rape  and indeed, the trial of the Steubenville rapists continues to gather national and international attention.

But it isn’t only Steubenville’s Big Red school football team and its jock culture  that are on trial.  The Ohio town itself  and its people are subjected to the full glare  of the unwanted publicity surrounding it.

“Inside the courthouse, a judge is considering whether a 16-year-old girl was so drunk last summer that she couldn’t consent to sex — and whether the boys knew it,”  says NPR News.

“But outside, the case continues to spawn debate over teen drinking, sex, football culture and the ability of social media to amplify it all.”

And not only the social media

Local LeaksLocal Leaks, born in the wake of the  crime, has from the start provided chapter and verse, with pictures,  on the  of town’s  leading personalities involved,

And among questions which may never be answered:  was she rendered completely defenseless  against her attackers by rohypnol, the  so-called date rape drug which leaves victims   helpless and without any memory of events?

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