The Steubenville Files — Updated

Remember the  horrifying Steubenville  rape?

“The word ‘allegedly’  has been freely used almost by the lamesceam media, print and electronic,  when discussing  this awful crime,”  I posted, going on   “But there’s nothing alleged  about it, as the video  clearly shows.

I went on,  “My wife and I  have a 16-year-old daughter.  Thank God we don’t live in Steubenville  where elements of the local community  seem to have done, and are still doing,  everything they can to pretend the rape didn’t happen.

“But it’s far too late for that.  The town is just as guilty  as the young criminals who committed the awful crime.”

In my post,  I quoted most  of the material from  a  item slugged The Steubenville Files. 

So  what is

Local Leaks?

Says  the site’ s About section »»»

This project began as a conversation between members of the Peoples Liberation Front and Anonymous during the defense of WikiLeaks called Operation Justice in December of 2010.

In January of 2011 the PLF launched Operation LocalLeaks to try and bring this important project to fruition. During this phase, the finest hackers in the world were employed to determine the best and safest way to set up such a project.

Operation LocalLeaks comes to fruition with the launch of the project and web site in June of 2011. In both security as well as overall strategy, Local Leaks is closely modeled on WikiLeaks.

Our first priority is to provide a safe, secure – and anonymous way for local government or corporate employees to disclose sensitive information.

Our team of analysts first carefully screens each submission for any possible trace of the senders identity. Our second commitment is to ensure that each and every leak receives the maximum exposure possible in order to achieve the most profound political impact for the risks taken by those submitting material.

To that end, we work with media outlets all over the world.

Now  a trial starring school  Steubenville Big Red football players Trent Mays, 17, left, and 16-year-old Ma’lik Richmond has opened.

Prosecutors in the  “closely watched” trial beginning today in Steubenville, Ohio, opened their case against the twoMays, Richmond by describing a night of partying went awry when the teens allegedly sexually assaulted a girl who was “stumbling, her speech was beginning to slur, losing her balance, ” says ABC News it’s, going on:

“As the alleged victim, a 16-year-old from West Virginia, was driven from party to party Aug. 11 after becoming intoxicated and “substantially impaired,” the boys took more and more liberties with her, prosecutor Marianne Hemmeter said today in court.”

Now local Leaksk has updated  its Steubenville Files.

Click here  for the complete Local Leaks post, and stay tuned

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  1. So, now that 99,99% of the “Steubenville Files” have been shown to be a completely made-up nonsense that hurt a bunch of innocent people, what will you do?

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