The Amateur Monster Movie [Free !!!]

amm“We are willfully putting The Amateur Monster Movie up on sites like YouTube and Pirate Bay because we’re uninterested in distribution-as-usual!”

So says director Kyle Richards.

And it’s downloading from The Pirate Bay. as I write this

PS: for anyone who can’t wait,  here’s the YouTube version  »»»

Will it be an improvement on Movie 43?

Stay tuned 😉

And on TPB »»»

Ahoy, pirates! Here be “The Amateur Monster Movie”, the first feature film by Kyle Richards and King’s Tower Productions. We are willfully providing it to you for the taking because we are uninterested in distribution-as-usual. Here’s why: Let’s look at what a movie is once its digital: it’s data. Data that can be endlessly replicated and distributed throughout the world for a cost that could be considered “insignificant”. It certainly doesn’t cost us anything for you to download it. And it didn’t cost us anything to upload it. It seems logical that in this scenario, there would be no money involved, as the only costs are the operations of computers that would be running regardless. With this in mind, we believe the future of film, television, music, and all media distribution is changing. As we move towards fully digital entertainment and away from DVDs, Blu Ray, and the like, the costs of distribution dissipate. And the price of acquiring said media should dissipate for the viewer as well. This is our little contribution in striving towards a world where all movies, television, music, and media are accessible at no charge to anyone who can access the internet. An internet which we also hope will be available at no charge to everyone who should seek it out, worldwide. This is the best way for everyone to share and learn about one another’s thoughts, ideas, cultures, creativity, inspirations, and more. If the technology exists and the will to make it so exists, then it is only a matter of time. We choose to take that path now, in hopes that we may provide a cost-free, ad-free alternative to increasingly expensive and ad-filled media from the big corporations, despite their lowered costs of operation. It may seem like a far-fetched idea now, but every big idea had to start small. This movie was made in that mindset. No money was spent on cast, crew, locations, or equipment. Only food and small items for props and makeup were purchased all the way through the entire shoot. Come editing, it became inevitable to accumulate some larger costs, the greatest being time cost, three and a half years were put into this movie, but we also do have financial debts to repay. The good news is they are not insurmountable and the future bodes brighter. Increases in technology continue to cut down on lengthy turnaround periods, and in time we hope to produce higher and higher quality films at a lower and lower cost, eventually arriving in a situation where there is no cost to either see the film or make the film; eliminating money, intrusive advertisements, and internet “tollbooths” from the equation entirely. The creative possibilities such a scenario would allow for in all media are practically limitless. Though we have no illusions or desires of striking it rich off this movie, we are working to help pay off our expenses and if you enjoy the movie, purchasing a DVD at is a great way to help us out. The DVDs contain two full commentary tracks, a behind the scenes featurette, an outtakes reel, and six deleted and extended scenes. There are no unskippable trailers or ads; there are no trailers or ads, period. It is just a pure, jam-packed, content-loaded DVD. We made it so people who loved the movie could have a copy of their own and know more about how it was made. And we’re selling it at the best price we can, and will continue to do so until there’s a way to make it free as well! Another, maybe even better way to help us, is to review the movie somewhere online once you’ve seen it. Go to our imdb page, do a write-up in your blog, post a link on your facebook, or anything else/all of the above! The farther we can spread the word, the better! We ain’t in the business of makin’ dollars; we’re in the business of building an audience, the business of beginning a revolution of free digital media worldwide. It’s time for us to stop artificially creating a supposed monetary value on that which costs its makers nothing to distribute. It’s time to end prosecution against file sharing. Help us keep things rolling in that direction by telling everyone you know about “The Amateur Monster Movie” and where they can watch it for FREE! Thank you, Kyle Richards King’s Tower Productions

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