Steubenville rapists sentenced

 steuben2Two of the Steubenville High School  football yobs  who ‘allegedly’ raped a 15-year-old girl  have  been sentenced to  jail.

Trent Mays,  17,  (left) was sentenced to serve at least two years in the state juvenile system, while Ma’lik Richmond, Richmond, 16, was sentenced to serve at least one year.

 “Both could end up in juvenile jail until they are 21, at the discretion of the state Department of Youth Services.”

Mays’ ‘minimum’ sentence is twice as long as Mr. Richmond’s  “because he was found guilty of two different charges,”continues the New York Times.

lippsAfter Judge Thomas Lipps read his decision, both boys broke down and sobbed,  Richmond turned to his lawyer, Walter Madison, and said, “My life is over.”

 But the real issue for many residents,  “was not the specifics of the case alone: whether two stars of the town’s much-loved high school football team raped a drunken teenage girl during a night of wild parties,”  says the Guardian adding,

“It was also whether the town itself was being seen to be on trial.

“Some of the reporting had seemed to suggest something rotten in Steubenville, with stories of other teenagers sharing lurid pictures of the incident, and whispers – quickly denied – of a wider cover-up in the town.”

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