Shall I or shan’t I?

GunslingerHi all:

I started dammit a little  more than a year ago primarily to re-boot my brain, which’d crashed following a couple of heart attacks and a quadruple coronary bypass during which I also suffered a stroke.

I don’t know if  I’ve been entirely successful or not, but one thing is for sure: I’m slowly regaining  my lost sense of ‘self’  and watching with great interest as my damaged brain quite literally rewires itself.

To be frank, I never wanted to be a wordsmith. I’ve seen my name as a byline  more times and in more places  than I  can possibly remember, but unlike most professional scribes,  it was something  I fell into rather than achieved.

I’ve been a professional  journalist/editor for most of my adult life, working on newspapers, magazines, blogs, and, briefly, television. But mainly in recent years, blogs, notably, which I had to give up following my stroke. However, during the initial stages of my ongoing recovery,  I was driving my wife, Liz, crazy, complaining about my newly acquired problems, which loomed ever larger because I had nothing else to do in my day except to dwell on them.

I clearly needed to find constructive ways to occupy myself.

Enter It’s

Yesterday,  I had an email from someone  wondering why  I was ‘suddenly’ moving away from the kind of stuff  I usually publish and towards items such as How to avoid becoming roadkill  and/or Bat-catching spiders.

Or,  some of my other recent posts.

The answer is quite simple: it says clearly  in the heading, It’s My Blog, Dammit! Anything and Everything! — and my plan was, and, is to  offer up  anything and everything  I find interesting, weird,wonderful, and just plain horrifying! which covers an awful lot of ground 😉

However, I don’t  know if I should continue along the path I’m already on,  if I should change direction  and try to make this a genuine news aggregation site,  or if I should  make a conscious effort to turn it into a freedom of speech advocacy site along the lines of  my former blog,, now under new ownership but dying on the vine with no updates, no new material .

I’d really appreciate hearing from anyone, anywhere.

Shall I or shan’t  I?

Cheers, and thanks and all the best as always …

Jon Newton


Jon Newton — myblogdammit

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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win ~ Mahatma Gandhi …


2 thoughts on “Shall I or shan’t I?

  1. In my opinion:

    1. unless you’re making significant money, the answer to your question should depend on what’s best for your health; if it’s healthier for you to continue blogging do so; but if it’s healthier to get out & walk more & take in the beauty of your environment, then do that instead; i know for me personally i’d be healthier if i took the time i spent online & spent it walking, running, hiking, fishing, gardening, learning kung fu, reading actual books, etc

    2. if you do continue: i personally don’t like the title of your blog; imho it’s self indulgent; i think you should find a theme & a title to go with it

  2. Thanks Ray 🙂 I’m sorry you don’t like the title; it’s a bit late to change it, though. But I do appreciate the comment.


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