Who IS Gucifer?

guciferWe know what he is.

He’s someone who’s  beeen hacking into the email accounts of  the likes of Colin Powell, former White House aide Sidney Blumenthal, and members of the Bush family.

“The unidentified hacker hits high profile targets, has a penchant for AOL mail and Comic Sans,”  says Natasha  Lennard in Salon.

In her post, there are Five things we know about “Guccifer,”she says »»»

1. “Guccifer” hits high profile targets from both sides of the aisle:

The hacker first rose to prominence with an audacious hack on Bush family email accounts. It was through this hack on several accounts that Guccifer obtained the now-infamous George W. Bush self-portrait of himself in the shower.

According to the Smoking Gun, Guccifer’s victim list also includes a “U.S. Senator, a senior United Nations official, security contractors in Iraq, two former FBI agents, and a Department of Defense supervisor.”

Guccifer also infiltrated Colin Powell’s email account and defaced his Facebook page, uploading posts including a message that read “You will burn in hell, Bush!”

With the hit on Blumenthal and Clinton Tuesday, Guccifer made clear his scope extends beyond Bush-era neocons.

2. Guccifer is in it for (at least some) lulz:

The hacker has high profile targets but playful delivery. When posting the fruits of hacks online, Guccifer opts for colorful webpages and interminably laughable Comic Sans fonts. As The Smoking Gun noted, the hacker “made sure, of course, to choose the despised Comic Sans font (and a pink background) when recreating the memos sent to Clinton by Blumenthal.”

3. Guccifer has a penchant for AOL email accounts:

The majority of Guccifer’s attacks, including those on Blumenthal and a number of Bush family members, have involved AOL accounts. As such, Guccifer’s attacks have brought to light the odd fact that a number of high profile, public figures still maintain AOL email accounts.

4. Guccifer has spoken directly to The Smoking Gun:

The hacker, who has not been identified, has spoken directly to The Smoking Gun. The site identifies Guccifer as male, but has little more information on his identity or location. The site reported Tuesday, “two IP addresses connected to the hacker’s recent online maneuvers have been traced to the Russian Federation, TSG has learned.  However, this could be indicative of nothing since hackers go to great lengths to obscure their trail via proxies, IP spoofing, and powerful anonymizing software like Tor.”

There’s no public explanation of the hacker’s alias, which appears to elide “Gucci” and “Lucifer” — for reasons unknown.

5. Guccifer knows the FBI are on the hunt:

In February, the hacker said he believed “the feds” had started investigating his a “long time ago.” But the hacker had a defiant message for the FBI: “I have an old game with the fucking bastards inside, this is just another chapter in the game.”

Says  Andrew Couts  in Digital Trends »»»

One of the photos shows the elder Bush president in a hospital bed, where he was recovering from bronchitis last month. Other photos include paintings by former President George W. Bush – self-portraits of him showering and in the bathtub – and personal pictures of the Bush family life.

“Guccifer” tells The Smoking Gun, which first reported the breach, that a total of six email addresses were compromised, exposing correspondence the spans from 2009 to 2012. The hacked email accounts include an AOL email address of Dorothy Bush Koch, daughter of George H.W. Bush.

While “Guccifer” claims that the information stolen in the breach include “interesting mails,” and “a lot” of other “stuff,” most of it appears to be of an entirely personal nature, including discussions surrounding possible funeral plans for the 88-year-old George H.W. Bush. Other emails show correspondence between family friends, a former presidential adviser, and one get-well-soon message from President Barack Obama sent through one of his aides.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched a criminal investigation into the hack, according to the Associated Press. But “Guccifer” appears unconcerned, telling The Smoking Gun that federal agents began investigating him a “long time ago.”

“I have an old game with the f**king bastards inside,” he said. “This is just another chapter in the game.”

Web searches reveal little about anyone going by the handle “Guccifer.” Gaming forum Arena Junkies has a user registered with that name, as does online poker website Poker Play. Neither accounts show any significant activity. A Tumblr blog, guccifer.tumblr.com, also exists, but all posts have been deleted, save one: A GIF, which reads “I’ll be back.”

It is entirely unclear and unconfirmed whether any of these accounts are linked to the person behind the Bush email hack.

Stay tuned as the FBI and other  national and federal enforcement agencies squander valuable manpower and other resources trying to track down  the dastardly Gucifer 😉