Time to change your Fa$ebook pic — especially if you live in New York!

Ray Kelly

“The NYPD is using facial recognition software in collaboration with social media sites like facebook to spy on the people of New York,”  says Anon  News, going on »»»

Their Facial Recognition Unit is creating a database to identify every single person in New York using facebook and instagram to mine their data.

With pictures submitted by users to social media sites they are matching names to faces in order to identify people on surveillance cameras. After your facial features have been measured by the software you can be identified and tracked on the millions of cameras in NYC in real time.

Please change your profile picture to a picture of Ray Kelly, head of the NYPD to protest this illegal invasion of privacy.

If they’re doing it in Noo Yawk,  you can bet your nether regions they’re doing elsewhere too, and there’s plenty of facial recognition software available!

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