Oh My — Godzilla!

godz3Godzilla Is coming to Vancouver Island, home of myblogdammit 🙂

“Instead of laying waste to Tokyo, Godzilla is making his way across the island to Shawnigan Lake,”  says the Cowichan News Leader Pictorial.

Not at all coincidentally, Shawnigan Lake is also the home of Canada’s tastiest Hot Sauces, made with fresh ingredients and no artificial ‘flavours’ or preservatives.

Just awesome goodliness.

The Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla movie is filming in south-Cowichan, Ladysmith, and downtown Nanaimo this week.

“Depending on weather, various locations — closed to the public — will be used for the big-budget, 3-D remake involving 300-odd crew members giving life to the nuclear-spawned dinosaur creature,”  says the story, continuing:

“Louise McMurray of Film Cowichan was stoked about Hollywood cash heating Warm Land’s coffers.

‘This is one of the bigger productions we have had coming through this region,”  she’s quoted as saying.

And to mark the occasion,  we’ll be producing a limited edition version of OMG,  our hottest hot sauce called, appropriately we think, Oh My — Godzilla!

It’ll be making its first appearance tomorrow at the University of Victoria’s Local Community Market, held on campus, in the Michele Pujol Room, from 3 to 6 pm.

To quote the event organizers, “Buy healthy, local and organic food from local farmers and food producers, and products from local artisans. Get information from campus and community groups involved in food security and health issues.

“Enjoy live music, food tastings and demonstrations, a raffle and an Easter egg painting contest.”

And, of course, sample our Oh My — Godzilla hot sauce!

All of our sauces, as well as our tasty spice mixes, are available in vacuum bags  for shipping anywhere in Canada, or anywhere else 🙂

See you there 🙂

Jon Newton — myblogdammit

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