BitCoin cyber burglary

bitRobberySpeaking of BitCoin  and how it’s fast becoming an actual rather than virtual currency, it’s also caught the eyes of  cyber criminals.

Over the weekend the BitInstant team has been hard at work securing our system from a sophisticated attack on Thursday evening,” says  a BitInstant blog post.

But not to worry because,“Overall, due to major choke points and redundancies in our system, athehacker was  able to walk away with   “only $12,480 USD in BTC, and send them in 3 installments of 333 BTC to bitcoin addresses, says the Post,” adding,

“Based on their  general MO, the attacker is (sic)  “not highly technically skilled but is sneaky enough to cover their tracks. Some of the hosting providers they directed our domain at may have billing information, but such billing information is likely a stolen card.

“Geographically, I would personally suspect them to be Russian, based on the choice of providers and based on past fruitless attempts.”

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