Fa$ebook targets newsfeeds for ‘real-time-bidding ad-purchase platform’

fb1There’s never been any doubt  about Fa$ebook:  it is now, and always has been, a data mining operation principally, but not exclusively, for the benefit  of the advertising industry.

Now, “The lines between different ways to advertise on Facebook are beginning to blur, as the social advertising  network … announced what it called a ‘small alpha test’of running ads delivered by its Facebook Exchange real-time-bidding ad-purchase platform on the desktop version of its News Feed, while at the same time assuring users that the number of ads in their News Feeds would not increase,”  says All Facebook.

Of course, only thing ‘blurry’ is precisely what Marky does with all the  data he surreptitiously scoops from his  ever-gullible users  by one sneaky means or another.

And his assurances are about as enduring as farts in the wind.

Anyway, says Fa$ebook studio »»»

Last fall we introduced Facebook Exchange (FBX), a way for businesses to show ads to people on Facebook based on their online browsing interests.  […] we are launching a small alpha test to introduce FBX-targeted ads in News Feed.
We wanted to give advertisers and agencies the opportunity to deliver highly relevant ads in News Feed, the most engaging place on the web. Previously, advertisers could run standard ads on the right hand side of Facebook on the desktop.  Starting today, advertisers can run Page post link ads on the right-hand side of Facebook and in News Feed on desktop. As they do today, these ads will point back to specific landing pages to help direct-response advertisers drive conversions.  
Allowing advertisers to reach people in News Feed is important because people spend more time in News Feed than any other part of Facebook. We also believe that ads delivered through FBX will create more relevant ads for people. Introducing Facebook Exchange in Desktop News Feed will not change the number of ads people see in their News Feeds.
As part of this closed alpha test, we are working with a small number of demand side platforms (DSPs)
It adds,  “Over the coming weeks, we’ll expand to make these ads available to additional DSPs and advertisers.”

Oh joy!

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