‘The Iron Lady’ Is dead

Thatcher FalklandsMargaret ‘Maggie’  Thatcher, UK prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 and nicknamed  by Russia “The Iron Lady,” died Monday morning following a stroke.

She was 87.

 “In 1982, she retaliated against Argentina after that country invaded the Falkland Islands,”says CTV News.

“It took 74 days for the British to regain control.”

About 10,000 Argentines were killed, compared to 255 British, says the story, adding:

“Her ideology and policies are now immortalized in the term “Thatcherism,” which also applies to a brand of Conservatism,  “driven by conviction, not consensus of opinion”.

She was played by Meryl Streep  in a Hollywood movie describing her rise to power.
Says the BBC,  the Iron Lady description, “ originated in the Russian media after she harshly denounced Soviet expansionism and questioned the long-standing Western policy of detente with the Soviet Union in 1976.”

Once in office, Thatcher  “slashed the tax rates for the wealthiest Britons, increased the value-added tax (VAT), reduced government subsidies and began to sell off state-owned enterprises and public housing,”  it says adding,
“The number of unemployed quickly doubled.”

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