Baidu boards the Glass boat

baidueyeBaidu, China’s equivalent of Google, has come up with Glass-like specs.

However,  “no decision has been made to manufacture the technology,” says Investor Place.

While Baidu appears to be in the very early stages of development, a spokesperson noted the technology was consistent with the company’s technology development strategies does the story, adding.

“Baidu has not decided whether actually build the device, nor has any manufacturing partner been selected.”

Google recently chose 8,000 hopefuls from an online contest to become the first people to buy its new $1,500 pair of high-tech glasses, which feature a camera and LCD screen, says the story.

What’s that they say  about fools and their money?

Meanwhile,  it’ll be interesting to see how long  it’ll be before Hollywood’s MPAA  catches  a would-be  filesharing  ‘pirate’ trying to sneak into a movie with the  video specs 😉

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