Are you being ‘Scroogled!’? …

Scroogled…  You are if you’re paying attention to  Microsoft’slatest  anti-Google barrage.

Because according to CTV News,Tuesday marks the  “third phase in a 5-month-old marketing campaign that Microsoft Corp. derisively calls ‘Scroogled,’ ”The ads, which have appeared online, on television and in print, depict Google as a duplicitous company more interested in increasing profits and power than protecting people’s privacy and providing unbiased search results.”

The headline says, unequivocally,  “Microsoft paints Google as evil company in ‘Scroogled’ ads.”

But,  the ad only  echoes what thousands of people have been saying for years, ever since  giant US online advertising  company Google introduced its  desktop search  back in 2004.

And with with pots calling kettles black in mind, Microsoft has itself on occasion been accused of exactly the same data mining.

Google kept it up for years,  and then on  September 2, 2011,  it announced disingenuously »»»

 [ … ] we’ve been humbled by its usage and great user feedback. However, over the past seven years we’ve also witnessed some big changes in how users store and access their own data, with many moving to web-based applications. There has been a significant shift from local to cloud-based storage and computing, as well as integration of Google Desktop functionality (like local search) into most modern operating systems. This is a positive development for users and we’re excited that most people now have instant access to their personal information. As such, we’ll be discontinuing support for Google Desktop, including all of the associated APIs, services, plugins and gadgets.

 Google.  Humbled?  Never on your Nelly.  In fact it’s withstood  decades of accusations  of data mining and privacy invasion (can you say Google Street View?) not only on the part of individuals, but also by entire nations.

But it always skates around the complaints  with oily PR bafflegab slavishly regurgitated by the ever-cooperative  lamescream media.

Then along came Google Chrome …Chrome

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