France to probe new Google move

Gargle is at it again — or  should we say it’s still at it.

It,  “said in January it was simplifying its privacy policy, consolidating 60 guidelines into a single one that will apply for all its services, including YouTube, Gmai,” says  Reuters.

Google is, of course,  the leading social data mining site, all dressed up as  an online search  service.

But,  “France’s data protection regulator will launch an official investigation into Google’s new privacy policy and said that its preliminary view was that it did not conform with European laws on protecting individuals’ privacy,”  says the story.

This will also allow  America’s premier online advertising company,  “to pool all the data it collects on individual users across its services.

“Google has said this will help it better tailor search results and improve service to users, says the story, adding,

“Users cannot opt out of the new policy if they want to continue using Google’s services.”

What else is new?  Google’s entire  business model  is built on the  premise  that people  must opt out of ‘services’  they never opted- in for in the 1st place

 Jon Newton,