Italy’s DHS-style ‘IceCapade’ crackdown

dhiceIn what’s being called the biggest domain crackdown since US Homeland Security seized more than 70 domains in 2010,  “Italy has targeted more than two dozen BitTorrent, cyberlocker and other file-sharing sites,  Andy writes in Torrent Freak continuing:

“The Public Prosecutor of Rome has ordered the blocking of Rapidgator, Uploaded, BitShare, NowVideo, VideoPremium and many others, warning that he will progress the action internationally in order to properly seize their domains.

“The action is being billed as ‘A Monster from Rome’ and when you look at the scale and implications that’s hard to contest.”

During the DHS IceCapade,  the US Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security and nine US attorneys’ offices seized 82 domain names of websites they claimed were engaged in the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods and illegal copyrighted work.

At the time of the IceCapades,  I wrote »»»

With the shut down of domain names of nine alleged ‘movie pirate’ sites, taxpayer funded copyright cops, acting for, and on behalf of, Hollywood and the Big 4 record labels, have massively escalated their corporate-controlled attacks on P2P communities.

jbNot at all incidentally, “Piracy is theft”, Hollywood Joe Biden, vice president of the United States of America, recently said in support of the corporate entertainment cartels, going on, “It’s smash and grab. It ain’t no different than smashing a window at Tiffany’s … ”

The occasion “was the unveiling of Victoria Espinel’s official strategy to ‘combat intellectual property theft’, as posted on the White House blog.

Biden was there with her, said CNet News and, “Through reporters”, she “issued a warning to those who infringe on U.S. intellectual property rights”, it said. “We have committed to putting you out of business,” it also had her stating, “adding that copyright owners who are losing money to piracy can rest assure [sic]  ‘help is on the way’.”

Biden and Espinel’s comments will be “welcomed by the large Hollywood studios and recording companies”, I said noting “The Obama administration has appeared very sympathetic to their antipiracy efforts.

Meanwhile, ICE, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit, is billed as “the largest investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security”.

It’s a “21st century law enforcement agency with broad responsibilities for a number of key homeland security priorities”.

 No need to stay tuned.

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