The ‘rollicking adventure’ of Tim Tracy in Venezuela

Tim Tracy 3It’d been a “a rollicking adventure” and  “a filmmaker’s dream: ”Tim Tracy speaking about his time shooting a documentary in Venezuela, says the New York Times.

But  according to Venezuelan interior minister Miguel Rodriguez, Tracy was,  “paying right-wing youth to hold violent protests in the aftermath of the elections narrowly won by Nicolas Maduro, the late Hugo Chavez’s chosen successor,” says  a story in NPR News.”

Tracy’s family says he was  doing nothing more than making a documentary, it continues.

tim tracyNow he’s  under arrest, accused by the Venezuelan government of a  “different kind of adventure: taking part in what officials here said was a plot to destabilize the country and incite a civil war”,  the NYT goes on.

And,  he did so  at “the behest of the U.S. government”, say the Venezuelan authorities, according to NPR.

“But those who knew Mr. Tracy in Caracas and in the United States, including in Los Angeles, where he lived, described him as an innocent — or perhaps naïve — filmmaker who had sought to portray Venezuela’s bitter political divide, not take sides in it,”the NYT states, adding.

  “Mr. Tracy spent time with both opposition student protesters and hard-core supporters of former President Hugo Chávez ‘to show the two sides of the story he was filming’ said Tuki Jencquel, a Venezuelan filmmaker who became friends with Mr. Tracy.

‘He always seemed to be very evenhanded in his work and neutral in relation to what was happening in Venezuela,’ he said. “I don’t think there’s anything subversive about that.’ ”