Tax haven scandals — the pigeons come home to roost

The revelations  that hundreds, if not thousands, of über-privileged people including politicians  (of course)  celebrities (of course)  lawyers (of course) and various  other gilded members of the 1% set, have for years been spiriting their oft ill-gotten gains away  in offshore tax havens are still  ricocheting round the world.

Everyone’s known that for years,  but at  last, an impressively large mixed bag of  investigative journalists has kicked ass and taken names.

“When the the  International Consortium of investigative Journalists its and its parent organization, the Center for Public Integrity, first published Secrecy For Sale, the hitherto closely guarded investment information of more than 100,000 people around the world, including hundreds of Canadians, people were asking where are the responses?” — I wrote in April.

“The ICIJ is not an arm of law enforcement and is not an agent of the government,” said the organization.

Now, the data have been in the wild since the beginning of April and according to the  ICIJ, responses have  apparently been swift.

In Canada,  “A Liberal senator urged his caucus colleague, Senator Pana Merchant, to answer questions in the wake of CBC News and ICIJ reports that she has been listed as beneficiary of an offshore trust created by her husband”,  Tony, (both below), a well-known class-action attorney, senator Percy Downe told the CBC

He said he wants caucus colleague, senator Pana Merchant, to explain herself following the CBC report” based on the leaked files.

The MerchantsThe report  said Merchant was the beneficiary of an offshore trust set up in the Cook Islands by her husband, Regina class-action lawyer Tony Merchant.

The federal government also urged journalists to hand it the list of around 450 Canadians named in the leaked records.

Perhaps the government should simply  ask the consortium  for the list of names?

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