Antarctica 139th as Internet host

Penguins “The oceans around Antarctica are not owned by any one nation, says the Wait Foundation, from whence came the picture above.

 “It goes on,  “They are in international waters belonging to us all.

“They are among the most pristine waters in the world, and due to their remote location and extreme weather conditions, one of the last places on the planet largely untouched by human activity.

Photo: John Weller

The CIA factbook  is a treasure trove  of useless information you won’t find anywhere else.

Were you aware,, for example  Antarctica  is 139th among various countries’ internet hosts?

And bearing in mind the Wait foundation’s  observation that the  oceans around  Antarctica aren’t owned by  anyone in particular,  that means you, by default  are high among the world’s  Internet hosts 🙂

Now you know 😉

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