I share a lottery jackpot of £161 million — Yay!!!

WeirDear Beneficiary »»»

This is a personal email addressed to you. My name is Mr Colin Weir, and I am the richest British Euro-Millions Lottery winner in the United Kingdom.

On 12.07.2011,  My wife and I won the Euro-Millions Lottery Jackpot of £161 Million GBP and we have voluntarily decide to donate the sum of £1,500,000.00
GBP to You and others, this being part of our 2013 Millionaire Donation Project to financially support  (7) unknown lucky individuals all over the world.

Your email was luckily selected via a Google & Facebook sponsored email-draws, and we decided to put this on the internet for the world to see in other to relinquish any doubts. The News link below will give you an insight as regard our donations;

 “EuroMillions winners Chris and Colin Weir have said they will continue to ‘share their good luck’ through a charitable trust as they celebrate the first anniversary of their massive £161 million jackpot win,”  says an MSN Money  story, URL attached to add credence to the come-on.

 The email adds »»»

For immediate release of these donated funds, send your *Full
Names:……,*Tel:….. *Age:…..& *Country:…..And we will instruct our
payout Bank to transfer the sum of £1.5 Million GBP to you.

Congratulations & Best Regards,
Colin & Christine Weir•
Copyright ©2013• The Weir Foundation• All Rights Reserved•


The fact  I don’t have either a Google or Fa$ebook  account is a minor problem.

But I’m a member of  a very tiny minority  so I confidently predict  a great many  people who do fall into those categories, believing they’re  among the  “(7) unknown lucky individuals all over the world,” will make this a highly successful scam.

Will the Weir’s payout bank  first required my bank account number,  and possibly other, data so they can release the funds, do you think? 😉

Lessee:  what’s 160 million pounds  divided by 7 ?  (takes off socks to make toes available for calculation …)

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