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Puppies killed by PETA in the back of a van—a donor funded slaughterhouse on wheels. Despite $35,000,000 in annual revenues and millions of “animal-loving” members, PETA does not even try to find them homes. PETA has no adoption hours, does no adoption promotion, has no adoption floor, but is registered with the State of Virginia as a “humane society.”

An investigation by the Department of Agriculture found that PETA’s shelter is too small for the volume of animals, is designed to warehouse and kill animals in the shortest amount of time, roughly 90% within 24 hours. An intern quit in disgust after he saw healthy puppies in the kill room.

Now, PETA –People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals —  is really angry at Huffington Post commenters, says Yahoo! contributor

PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is incensed over an article in the Huffington Post that details that organization’s unsettling practice of euthanizing animals in a Virginia facility that many have assumed is a no kill shelter.

According to the New York Post, PETA wants to sue some of the people who have left comments on the article. The problem is that, following the practice of many on the Internet, many of the comments are under assumed names or are anonymous. PETA is attempting to discover the true identities of their critics so that it can sue them for defamation.

The animal rights organization is not reported to be bringing a suit against the Huffington Post or the writer of the article. The article pretty much documents that PETA is euthanizing animals, 90 percent within the first 24 hours according to the Virginia Department of Agriculture inspector, that have been placed in its care. Truth is always a defense against libel.

Instead it objects to terms like “animal Kervorkians,” a reference to a doctor who once performed assisted suicides and was prosecuted for the same. PETA would like legal retribution against people who leave posts like that.

The idea of going after people who leave opinions on the Internet is pernicious … states »»»

  • In the last 11 years, PETA has killed 29,426 companion animals.
  • PETA claims that all of the animals they kill are “unadoptable.” But this claim is a lie for numerous reasons.
  • It is a lie because rescue groups, individuals, and veterinarians have come forward stating that the animals they gave PETA were healthy and adoptable and PETA insiders have admitted as much, one former intern reporting that he quit in disgust after witnessing perfectly healthy puppies and kittens in the kill room.
  • It is a lie because PETA refuses to provide its criteria for making the determination as to whether or not an animal is “unadoptable.” It is a lie because according to a state inspector, the PETA facility where the animals are impounded was designed to house animals for no more than 24 hours.
  • It is a lie because Newkirk herself admitted as much during a television interview: when asked whether or not PETA kills healthy animals, she responded, “Absolutely.”
  • It is a lie because PETA staff have described the animals they have killed as “healthy,” “adorable” and “perfect.” It is a lie because PETA itself admits it does not believe in “right to life for animals.”
  • And it is a lie because when asked what sort of effort PETA routinely makes to find adoptive homes for animals in its care, PETA had no comment.

In Huffpo,  under the headline shocking Photos: PETA’s Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies, NathanWinograd   writes »»»

(PETA) is an organization that publicly claims to represent the best interest of animals — indeed their “ethical treatment.” Yet approximately 2,000 animals pass through PETA’s front door every year and very few make it out alive. The vast majority — 96 percent in 2011 — exit the facility out the back door after they have been killed, when Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater stops by on their regular visits to pick up their remains. Between these visits, the bodies are stored in the giant walk-in freezer PETA installed for this very purpose.

It is a freezer that cost $9,370 and, like the company which incinerates the bodies of PETA’s victims, was paid for with the donations of animal lovers who could never have imagined that the money they donated to help animals would be used to end their lives instead. In fact, in the last 11 years, PETA has killed 29,426 dogs, cats, rabbits, and other domestic animals.

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