Big Brother Obama

Big Brother ObamaEarlier today,  I’d  wondered  whether or not Canada  was/is part of an ultra-secret NSA spy operation.

The question came  in a post  which stated »»»

The UK’s electronic eavesdropping and security agency, GCHQ, has been secretly gathering intelligence from the world’s biggest internet companies through a covertly run operation set up by America’s top spy agency,  says the Guardian.

 It went on »»»

The news  came  just after  US president Barack Obama,  “offered a robust defense of the government surveillance programs revealed this week, and sought to reassure the public that his administration has not become a Big Brother with eyes and ears throughout the world of online communications,”  according to the New York Times,

My post concluded with:

“Will  Harper soon tell us Canada’s spy agency CSIS has been doing the same?”

Harper isn’t exactly  famous for telling the truth  about anything and there’s still a  question mark  hovering over that,  but the answer is most probably  a resounding YES!

Say and   in their Toronto Star story,  »»»

All your digital fingerprints are every bit as exposed to the watchful eyes of Big American Brother as those of our stateside neighbours — and even more vulnerable, according to one of Canada’s leading cyber-researchers.

At least 90 per cent of Canada’s digital activity, from Facebook to Foursquare to basic email and beyond, is routed through exchange points in the United States, says Ronald Deibert, director of University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab.

The borderless nature of North America’s online architecture means the vast majority of Canadian metadata is filtered into the same U.S. National Security Agency surveillance systems exposed in blockbuster stories this week by The Guardian and The Washington Post.

“There is no border. The way telecommunication traffic is routed in North America, the fact of the matter is about 90 per cent of Canadian traffic — no one really knows the exact number — is routed through the United States,” Deibert told the Toronto Star.

“Internet exchange points are critical — this is where traffic is passed between companies — and we have only two Internet exchange points in Canada . . . As a consequence, even an email sent within the city of Toronto most likely would transit to Chicago before being routed back to Toronto.”

Along the way, your Canadian data is subsumed through “filters and checkpoints, shared with third parties, with law enforcement and of course intelligence agencies that operate in the shadows,” he said.

Those filters include the NSA’s previously undisclosed PRISM program, which operates with direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other U.S. Internet giants, according to top-secret documents obtained and published by The Guardian.

But not to worry because,  “The major companies named in the document all denied or downplayed involvement in PRISM, saying customer data is not provided to the U.S. government without legally binding court orders,”  the Star adds.

And you know who decides what’s legal, what’s  legally binding, and what isn’t.

Meanwhile,  were the PRISM revelations a result of  yet another, so far undisclosed,  Independent Consortium of Journalists probe?

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