Google’s Olympic watermelon logo

I’m surprised.  I expected to find  all kinds of negative reports on  Google’s  August  7 Olympics hurdle logo,  but it didn’t happen

I  still believe  it was tasteless and racist, and social media sites including Twitter “rang out with criticism of the graphic,” says Afro  American, going on,

“This is not the first race related controversy of the Olympic games. NBC drew criticism when it aired a monkey gymnastics ad right after Gabby Douglas’ win. NBC later provided an explanation, but not an apology:

“So are these racial incidents somehow related? It is hard to tell whether these incidents are instances of subtle racism, or whether it’s all just a bit overblown,” adds the story,

“In a brief debate which ensued between two Twitter users- @riddlemepissed said to @Benjo_t, “Are you suggesting that is it not a watermelon. I guess you need to see him win a bucket of fried chicken to get it.”

But,  “Other Twitter users did not see any racist undertones to the doodle.

@Miss_Talie said, “Wait a minute. People are saying Google’s doodle is racist. You Twitter Wannabe Black Panthers need to give me a d*mn break.”

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