UK to ban kiddie porn

Cameron“In the most dramatic step by the government to crack down on the  “corroding” influence of pornography on childhood, the British prime minister will say all internet users will be contacted by their service providers and given an  “unavoidable choice” on whether to use filters, says the Guardian, continuing:

• Children to be protected by automatic filtering of adult material
• Possession of violent porn to be outlawed
• Illegal image searches to be blocked

“The changes will be introduced by the end of next year.  “As a first step, customers who set up new broadband accounts or switch providers would have to actively disable the filters by the end of this year.”

“The moves will be announced by the prime minister in a speech to the NSPCC in which he will unveil a series of measures to reduce access to pornography with a particular focus on images of child sexual abuse.

“He will say »»»

• The possession of “extreme pornography”, which includes scenes of simulated rape, is to be outlawed.

• The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is to draw up a blacklist of “abhorrent” internet search terms to identify and prevent paedophiles searching for illegal material.

• All police forces will work with a single secure database of illegal images of children to help “close the net on paedophiles”.

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