Is Democracy functioning in America?

SnowdenWhile Ex-US president  Jimmy Carter  is  reportedly defending  whistleblower  Ed Snowden,  (right) a military judge  is pondering the fate of  a young man who used to be  the  posterchild for whistleblowers  — Bradley Manning.

“Prosecutors argue  US private Bradley Manning is a,  “glory-seeking traitor,”  says the Associated Press.

But his lawyers say Manning is a  “naive whistleblower who was horrified by wartime atrocities but didn’t know that the material he leaked would end up in the hands of al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden,”  says the story going on,

“Army Manning began deliberating Friday after nearly two months of conflicting evidence and arguments about the 25-year-old intelligence analyst.

“A military judge, not a jury, is hearing the case at Manning’s request.”

Meanwhile, “America does not have a functioning democracy at this point in time,” the German  magazine Der Spiegel quotes former US president  Carter as saying.

Says NPQ

“Google translates Der Spiegel articles into passable English.

“Last week, Der Spiegel reported in an online article—in its German edition, not its English version—Jimmy Carter’s statements in Atlanta on the NSA “Spähskandal” concerning Edward Snowden.

“The former President described Snowden’s revelations as ‘useful,’ U.S. policy on surveillance of American citizens as having ‘gone too far,’ and the penchant for official secrecy “excessive.’

“There was some question on the validity of the source, however, as no American media outlets reported on the event and it was not clear where Die Spiegel got its source from.”

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