Where the Obama goes, Canada follows

baird2Yesterday the headline to my main story was Al Qaeda ‘tourism’ — rearing its head again. I was talking about the latest shock-horror tourist scare  emanating from south of the border.  And by tourist’  I meant ‘terrorist, to use the pronunciation favoured by George Dubaya Bush.

I concluded with “Stay tuned for something similar from the Harper Boyz?” and Lo, “Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird urged Canadians and diplomats in the Middle East and North Africa to exercise ‘a higher degree of caution’ after the United States issued a worldwide travel alert Friday, citing an unspecified al Qaeda threat,” trumpets CTV.

The story goes on, “The U.S. closed 21 embassies and consulates from Mauritania to Afghanistan for the weekend, warning travellers and citizens in the Muslim world of a potential terrorist attack in the Arabian Peninsula.

But, “It’s not for me to discuss the nature of the elevated risk that causes them (the Americans) to take these decisions,” Baird said Friday.”

” ‘Having said that, when a close friend and ally has made this determination, obviously at a bare minimum it puts us at elevated risk, and we’re encouraging a higher degree of caution’.”

Now you know.