Dear Dammit readers

Dear Dammit readers ––

The site has been off-line for quite a while because of my increasingly serious vision problems coupled with other difficulties associated with my recent stroke

It now transpires I have macular degeneration, a physical impediment, and I can no longer continue posting because I can’t see properly.

However, there’s lots of interesting freedom of speech stuff happening in the on and off-line worlds and I wish I could continue. But life has a nasty habit of happening 😉

So, all the best and thanks to my longtime supporters, iVideo Converter, FrostWire and, of course, Cliff Haerden, my good friend and longtime and long-suffering host of both p2pnet and Dammit at Multibox over in Belgium.

With a friend who also has similar stroke related difficulties, I’m about to start writing a book on bilatereral hemispatial neglect and I want to preserve my rapidly failing sight for as long as possible.

So, that’s all for now, folks. Cheers, and thanks …

Jon Newton

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  1. Hi Jon, I’m a “lurker” who simply wants to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and wish you all the best.

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