Goldman Sachs exec nominated as US ambassador to Canada


When Obushma was running for president in 2008, he pledged to be a different kind of politician, stressing his “commitment to changing the way business is done in Washington,” says the Center for Public Integrity.


However, the, time-honoured “custom of elevating top donors and fundraisers to plum diplomatic posts — a practice embraced by Democratic and Republican presidents for generations — wasn’t touched, ” it says



And with that in mind, a “Goldman Sachs executive and major fundraiser for Obama has been nominated as the next ambassador to Canada — the latest in a parade of big-dollar campaign backers slated to represent U.S. interests abroad,” says the CFPI.



And why not? Goldman Sachs was, of course one of the US corporatocracies American taxpayers rewarded with a $600,000,000,000 bailout during the near-collapse of the US financial system caused by raging corporate greed.

He’ll get along well with Steve 😉






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