Canada’s shame –– the movie: released to the world!

Canada’s Great White Chief, Steve ‘Promises, Promises’ Harper, shied away from serious financial, health, sanitation, housing and  and other unresolved problems on one of Canada’s deprived First Nation reservations.


Canada’s shame has now been immortalised as a documentary video for the whole world to see.

Will this be the spark to force the Con artists to finally face up to their obligations and commitments?


By First Nations documentary film maker Alanis Obomsawin, the movie takes us on a drive  through the reservation which became the focus of an international scandal and marked yet another milestone in Harper’s deplorable record in dealing with First Nations, the people from whom, lest we forget, we ‘acquired’ the land on which all our towns and cities now stand.

If you have Netflix and you’re Canadian, and even if you’re not, you need to watch this.

Meanwhile Alanis also has a lot of  material on Youtube.

BTW. well done US movie streaming bidniz Netflix for adding  the movie t0 its more usual fare.

Definitely stay tuned because I strongly doubt this has run its course. And in the meanwhile, check out some of my other posts on this disgrace:


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