If I was a rich man …


If I was a capitalist with lots of capital to venture, I’d start  Canabis Industries Inc, devoted to plumbing the depths of the pharmacology surrounding this much maligned, much abused plant, a dominating industrial mainstay for centuries before it fell foul of the same types of people –– corporate and political –– who tried and failed to outlaw alcohol.

A ‘new’ industry based on hemp and cannabis would provide jobs and spin-off opportunities , and all kinds of health care benefits, at no extra cost to the taxpayer base.

There’s plenty of space and land available to set up growth centres, or simply re-purpose existing liquor control outlets, with all that implies.

Until that happens, suffice it to say marijuana used in a medical setting has proven to be, and is still proving efficacious, in a number of ways some already known; more waiting to be discovered.

With that in mind, pretty soon I’ll be firing up my new Mary Jane vaporizer in my ongoing experiment in stroke recovery.


A delivery system for using the volatile oils generated by heating cannabis and other substances –– i.e. oils from various perfume essences, not all of them noxious, as in aromatherapy.


Like it or not, doing marijuana or one of its derivatives, under one name or another, in one form or another, is a staple not only in North America, but around the world – – UK, France, Iceland, Japan –– you name it.

What is new is the growing evidence that pot, weed, MJ, grass – a rose by any other name – is still proving to be one of the most efficacious ‘medicine’ plants in the world, widely used to treat a whole panoply of conditions and complaints, For example, queen Victoria used it to ease her menstrual cramps.


Definitely stay tuned 😉

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