Going potty

I’m a self-acknowledged alcoholic with a tendency to overindulge anything and everything, including cannabis.

That’s why for 25 years, I didn’t drink or toke. I firmly believed I was addicted to both booze and marijuana: end of story …

… Or so I thought.

Thus, gobsmacked would be a good way to describe how I felt when, after months of frustration trying to find a way around some of the symptoms of my stroke, I discovered something I’ve been avoiding for literally more than a quarter of a century seems to be the only way of relieving them.

That, I guess, is life.

I used to count myself firmly in the camp of those who believed this amazing plant, which has been in the service of humankind for many thousands of years, is dangerous and produces an addictive substance to be avoided like the plague!

But, for the past couple of weeks my daily intake of medications (a while back, I had at two myocardial infarctions, a stroke and open heart surgery) has included a couple of pipes of one of the medical strains of –– that’s right! –– marijuana!

Since my brain crash I’ve had a lot of problems with depression and other symptoms linked to PTSD  such as sudden outbursts of verbal abuse with my wife and daughter on the receiving end.

But not any more, and my wife is extremely pleased.

I never dreamed I’d one day using marijuana as a medication,  but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

On the advice of my doctors, I tried various prescription drugs meant to alleviate these symptoms, but nothing worked.

I’ve been aware of the medical benefits of marijuana for some time, but only from the theoretical point of view. Now, I can be legitimately described as a pot head.

If you’re interested in seeing how this dodgy, self-conceived, self-administered experiment in stroke/PTSD/depression therapy works out, definitely stay tuned!

Because the best the corporate corporate pharmaceutical industrial complex could offer wasn’t good enough.

Let’s see what Mother Nature can do.


CU 🙂