Death by cannabis –– did a young UK mother die from an overdose of weed?


It’s finally happened.

The 31-year-old British owner of a lingerie company in England has reportedly  died from an  overdose of Weed.

She’s said to have fired up a doobie to help her asleep, according to the Huffington Post, which continues:

Her death was registered as cannabis toxicity and a coroner recorded a verdict of death by cannabis abuse.

But Peter Reynolds, the leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) is quoted as saying:

“Science simply doesn’t support this verdict. There must have been another factor involved and there isn’t any evidence that cannabis was the causative factor.

“Tragically, spontaneous cardiac arrest does occur in apparently healthy people. Cannabis is the least toxic therapeutically active substance known to man”.

Moss, a devout Christian who was baptised last year, was known to use cannabis regularly throughout her adult life, but had stopped for two years before her death.

She began using it again to help her sleep after becoming anxious and depressed following the breakup of her relationship, the inquest heard.

Marijuana prohibitionists now have  a precedent..

Death by Canabis Abuse, eh?

This’ll go a long way towards bolstering arguments that cannabis, and its many and various products, should be banned, the fact it’s being around forever as a proven remedy for any number of complaints, including insomnia and depression, notwithstanding.

Definitely stay tuned.


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