Steve Harper — yuks it up over Weed (sorry: marijuana)

Steve the cowboy

Steve Harper’s been yukking it up over marijuana in Kelowna.

Not marijuana growing in Kelowna. Rather, “Prime Minister Stephen Harper called upon the legacy of Sir. John A. Macdonald during a comic foray into British Columbia’s marijuana debate,” says Hufpo, going on:

Harper says when the country’s first prime minister was a member of Parliament for Victoria, B.C., in the 19th century, he focused on issues that mattered, like economic growth, not grow-ops, and about a national dream, not a pipe dream.

The comments drew laughter and applause from a crowd of about 600 supporters who purchased tickets for a barbecue Friday evening in the Okanagan city of West Kelowna.

But thousands of Canadians depend on cannabis to manage and control symptoms associated with PMS to grand mal epileptic seizures, HIV/aids to multiple sclerosis, and stroke, among many others.

They aren’t laughing.

Nor am I.

“Hey Jon, says an email from reader James in Thunder Bay, Ontario:

“How is it going with your pot experiment?”

“What is it like being able to get stoned all the time?”

Actually, James, I’m not stoned any of the time. It’s hard to explain, but togrether with my regular morning Big Pharma medication MJ allows me to maintain my mental and physical balance, figuratively and literally speaking. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s just as important as any of the other things which help to keep my ticker ticking 🙂


Out of sheer desperation, when all else  — and I mean all else — failed to ease my symptoms, pipe in hand, I became a ‘legal’ pot-head ;).

And, James, it’s amazing! Two of the symptoms which have been plaguing me since my heart troubles started have all but disappeared!