Jon Newton: ‘I’m nothing to do with p2pnet! (not any more …)’


I’ve been around the Net for a long time — long enough to realise it’s the most important communications revolution ever since man (or, more likely, woman 😉 uttered the first intelligible sounds.

It took me quite a while to get p2p meant People to People; a bit like public radio but anyone, anywhere, could participate.

And it didn’t matter who.

Freedom of a kind never before experienced.

As soon as  I began to understand, some of the implications, I wanted to somehow be part of it and when I discovered the p2pnet domain name was available, I grabbed it.

The site became what it became, and I’ll always be proud of the fact p2pnet didn’t just shout about injustices; its readers  donated more than $15,000 to help an American family under attack by the RIAA.

But I’m most proud of the role p2pnet played in preventing one man from  freezing the Net in Canada

For more on that, Google p2pnet v Crookes.

But if there’s one thing  was never intended to be, it’s a commercial sales site.

That, however, seems to be what it’s becoming.

The new owner, who for the time being must remain unnamed, is trying to say p2pnet means ‘prepare 2 purchase network.’

Now the site reads:


Stay tuned. We’re relaunching soon.

Dig coupons and discounts? Sign up to get notified of launch.


I think not.

But, “no spam! “Pinkie swear.”

That’s OK, then.

Definitely stay tuned ;)


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