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When obvious VCIs (Vested Corporate Interests) use kids as marketing tools,  dressing up their tawdry offerings as  ‘educational, ‘it really gets to me.

‘Mind rape’ is a phrase I coined to describe “A very dark, very frightening corporate scheme  being carefully orchestrated around the world with the full and active support and cooperation of governments and public administrations”.

And yet teachers, parents, school boards and administrators everywhere apparently believe the carefully calculated, carefully executed, commercialization of our class rooms is acceptable.

I didn’t think any corporate being could sink lower than Big Music and/or its vicious pit bull of a ‘trade’ outfit, the RIAA, whose principal  purpose seems to be  to alienate its owners’ global customer base by suing consumers for specious ‘copyright’ infringements.

But I was wrong.

A least one huge corporate drugs-for-kids outfit has  managed to go even beyond even that. And that’s Germany’s Bayer, those Good folk who brought us Zyklon B gas during the WWII Holocaust.

Hold that thought.

A favourite entertainment cartel PR tactic is to launch’ comics’ aimed at ‘educating’ children until they recognize and accept whatever’s being promoted and then bug the life out of their parents.

Back in July last year wrote »»»


It’s an apparently innocuous term:  colony collapse.  But what it means is ‘Death to Bees’ at the hands of Neonicotinoids, made by Bayer,  the German chemical and pharmaceutical company  which invented Aspirin and also  caused  countless deaths during World War II.

I went on »»»

Bayer was  among the many German other companies  which actively collaborated with the Nazis.

“The Bayer aspirin company has finally apologized for the inhumane acts of its parent firm including using Jewish slave laborers during the Holocaust,”  says the New York Daily News.

“I have sorrow and regret and apologize for the inhumanity in my country for what I,G. Farben did to your people,” Helge Wehmeier, the head of Bayer Corp., told Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel at a lecture.

“Bayer’s parent company, Bayer AG, was part of the German chemical conglomerate I.G. Farben, which used Jewish slaves at its factories during the Holocaust including one at which Wiesel worked as a teenager,” says the story, adding:

“I.G. Farben also had a significant investment in a company that made Zyklon B gas, which was used to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews at Auschwitz the concentration camp in Poland where Wiesel’s mother and sister died.


Now, Sum of Us says, Bayer is touting Toby and the Bees to spread mis- and disinformation about what’s making bees sick.

And “that’s on top of suing the European Union and launching a massive ‘bee care tour’ in the US to prevent any regulation of the pesticides that are killing the bees — and “earning Bayer millions”.

But going after kids with its propaganda campaign is too low even for Bayer, says the organisation, adding:

… “these are tactics taken from the worst of Big Tobacco.

“In the children’s book, the friendly neighborhood beekeeper tells ‘Toby’ that the bees are getting sick, but ‘not to worry’ — it’s just a problem with mites, he says.

But, adds Sum of Us, there’s no mention of the Bayer-made pesticides that scientists have tied to the global bee die-off, and that Europe has already banned in response.

Meanwhile, I launched Kids ‘n Kartels because as a father  I think there should be at least one online publication which doesn’t grovel to the kartels or US-government supported for-profit VCIs, even if it is in Canada.

But I’ve been busy with other things and I’ve fallen well behind.

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