Oil polution in schools


Earlier, I did a post slugged Too Bad to be true which outlines a few of the lengths VCIs (Vested Corporate Interests) will go to in their efforts to indoctrinate children.

These crafty penetrations into teaching institutions, with staff often actively aiding and abetting, usually take  the form of ‘instructional’ videos ‘explaining,’ for example, why children should know all about what’s euphemistically called ‘copyright crime,’ infringements (always called violations to make it look worse) no two lawyers can agree on.

Now, “public education authorities are consulting with Big Oil companies about what our children learn in schools, says the Sum of Us, going on:

Authorities have invited tar sands giants Syncrude Canada, Cenovus Energy and Suncor Energy to help draft “Alberta’s future curriculum” from kindergarten to grade 12.

It stresses the companies have sued environmental activists for complaining toxic tar sands tailings ponds, and spilled thousands of barrels of toxic tar sands waste into our rivers.

Nor it adds, is this the the only time Syncrude has tried to influence kids —

It designed a video game crafted to tell kids how green the company is.

They hope the kids will be just as green.