Donnie Trump and the Trumpets!

Oh! the horror!

I was gobsmacked, awestruck and mind-boggled, and all at the same time when anal orrifice extardinaire Donald Trump, oozed his way in as the latest Disunited States manager/entrepreneur position!

But then, what can else could be expected from a people similarly responsible for allowing George Dubaya Bush into the Top Job ?!

But it isn’t only Trump we and the rest of the world have to worry about. All his Trumpets and Strumpets are running around loose out there, and he’s shown them exactly what to do and how to do it.

Big Trump won’t last, but his techniques will and meanwhile, over in Vancouver, preparations were well in hand  for another ribbon-cutting,”at a new Trump hotel and condo project , paid for by the Malaysian tycoon Tiah Thee Kian and his son, Tiah Joo Kim, reports the Grey Lady, going on:

“… the two projects, “the first to open since Mr. Trump became president, are among the dozen international business deals from his former life still moving forward — from India to Indonesia, Uruguay to the Dominican Republic. None of them are ‘new deals,’ as defined by the family, as they were already well underway before the election.”

We can only pray to an indifferent allah with our collective fingers crossed.