2 thoughts on “New verb enters English language

  1. It’s nice to see you back online, Jon. I wanted to comment on this post – http://myblogdammit.net/?p=15346 – but I don’t think comments are enabled.

    I can’t imagine what you’ve went through in the last several years but I can tell that you’ve come a long way.

    Regarding marijuana, have you looked into getting a vaporizer? Perhaps smoking is better in your case but it might be worth looking into. This subreddit has a lot of good info – https://www.reddit.com/r/vaporents/

    Vaporizers provide a different high. They’re also more efficient. Vaping a small amount of weed (usually around .15g) can have the same effect as smoking 2x that amount. You can also use the vaped weed (called AVB or ABV – already vaped bud or already been vaped). You can either eat it or follow one of the many recipes. It tastes nasty but it’ll get you there. 🙂

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