Big brother and Brandon Raub

If you’re American, and you’re  a Fa$ebook slave,  you can be sure Big Brother has his eye on you.

He certainly had it on  26-year-old   ex-US Marine Brandon Raub, and news of his  arrest for psychiatric study  is now sweeping the world, to the embarrassment of the US administration.

For example, says Britain’s Daily Mail,  “Protestors take to the streets saying the move is against the First Amendment.

 “Civil Liberties group sends attorney into hospital to represent Brandon J. Raub.”

The ex-sergeant, who’d served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was  “seized by authorities in Virginia’s Chesterfield County last Thursday for posting ‘ominous posts,’ which refer to an upcoming revolution,”  says the story going on.

 “According to Authorities one message put up by the 26-year-old earlier this month stated: ‘Sharpen my axe; I’m here to sever heads.’

However,  reports that the FBI  had a hand in his  arrest and subsequent detention are being denied.

“The FBI has told us their agents had ‘nothing to do’ with his detainment and placement in a pyschiatric ward,”  says  the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The video below shows Brandon as he was arrested.

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