Numbers, shlumbers — the Big Apple

There comes a point when numbers are so big they become  absolutely meaningless.

For me, that point was reached  when  I read, “for a brief amount of time, Apple became the most valuable public company the world has ever seen — even bigger than Microsloth and Gargle  [read Microsoft and Google]

That was  a Computerworld  item and  it  went on,

“The New York Times notes that yesterday, after a jump in Apple’s stock price in which it closed at $665.15, Apple had the highest market value of any public company ever — $623.52 billion!” [My emphasis]

“That surpasses the previous mark set by Microsoft, at $616.34 billion, at the end of trading on Dec. 27, 1999. The Times points out that Apple’s valuation is at least $13 billion higher than the combined valuations of Microsoft, Intel, and Google.”

Like wow 😉

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